Gift Registry Announcement

Gift Registry Announcement

Hi there Mama-To-Be!

How is your pregnancy going so far?
This is such an exciting time.
Hope you are all sitting back and relaxing, and just enjoying this moment.
(I promise it doesn't last forever.)

So, I have some awesome NEWS that I really wanted to share with you.


I am now offering a
Gift Registry Management Service!

But what on Earth does this mean?


I know how presumptuous it can be to just assume that someone is going to throw a baby shower for you. Unless you have a super mom, or best friend, or sibling, that just comes right out and tells you (or perhaps you are organizing your own), you generally have NO IDEA if your little one is going to be celebrated (and when).


But it is really important to be prepared!
There is nothing worse than receiving gifts that you can't use, or things that you really don't want or need.
(And honestly, once baby arrives, you have NO TIME to be running around exchanging gifts and hunting down store slips.)

So where do I come in?

I will get in touch with all of your "guests" directly by sending them a personalised email announcing your gift registry, in a polite and professional way.
I will also make myself available to answer any of their questions and assist with personalised service every step of the way.
This is not just another computerised Online Gift Registry.

Think of me as an E-Planner who is here for YOU every step of the way. 


All you need to do is:

  1. Register with our Online Gift Registry 
  2. Add all the items you love! (And remember, we ONLY stock items that are useful and have been tried and tested by moms across South Africa, so you cannot go wrong with out products. It's literally a recommended list JUST FOR YOU)
  3. I will send you a personalized email once you have registered

THEN you only need to respond to my email with the following

  1. A name, contact number and email address of someone who may or may not be involved in planning your shower, so that I may contact them directly
  2. A list of email addresses of everyone who you would potentially invite to your baby shower
  3. And remember, we offer a delivery service so include people who may not be able to make it (perhaps they live in another city or province) as they may want to send you something special too!

I WILL DO THE REST, so you can just enjoy being pregnant!


Remember, your ACTIVE Gift Registry can be added to and edited at any point.
So keep popping over to our website to see all the new products we are adding!


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