We Made It

We Made It

And here we are! Finally, after weeks and months of information gathering and planning, we are here. Yay Baby has launched and I am so excited to bring you the most wonderful baby and toddler essentials that have been chosen by real life moms, especially for you. 

It all started with a nappy. Not just any nappy, but our very own featured Pop-In Nappy, from Close Parent.

I have a three-year old who, to put it very politely, is a "heavy wetter" at night. Tired of 3 am changes, due to his being soaked right through, and fearing the doubling of my monthly nappy bill, I decided to investigate the world of cloth nappies. (A world that I had, up until now, been very intimidated by.) After a couple of purchases from other brands, I still wasn't having the success that I was needing to keep my little one dry all night long. So I closed my eyes and swiped my credit card, for a super cute Pop-In with crocodile print. Needless to say, that night we got our first full night's sleep in months, and our boy was still dry the next morning.

So this experience got me thinking, what if there was a website that offered products that worked? Products that had been tried and tested by real life moms? A website that wasn't just in it to sell product, but really had a mom's best interests at heart? If this website existed, perhaps I wouldn't have spent excess money on things I didn't need, just to get to the product I really did need. 
And this is how Yay Baby was born. From a real life mom, to other real life moms and moms-to-be, this website will not only guide you in the right direction but it also offers you a platform to purchase those products that we all know and love!


From breast-feeding to sleep training, and everything in between, we have your best interests at heart.

With Love,
A Real Life Mom

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