#RealLifeMom (March)

#RealLifeMom (March)

Hi Mamas!

Every month we would like to feature our #RealLifeMom. Whether you have been through a pregnancy or birthing ordeal, or have an interesting story to share, or even if you are just experiencing the normal motions of Motherhood, we want to hear from you!
Email: hello@yaybaby.co.za and put #RealLifeMom in the subject line, and we will get back to you.
Everyone benefits from sharing their stories and hearing someone else's.


This month we are featuring a sophisticated, full time working Mama of two gorgeous little girls:

Kate De Fleuriot

Kate is a 30 year old, Wine and Sales Marketing Manager (Yes, it is as good as it sounds) based in Hillcrest, KZN.
The two munchkins in the photo above are Emilie (2 years 4 months) and Annabelle (1 year)
We got to chat to Kate about life as a Real Life Mom, and asked her a few questions.

We heard that you had a very difficult pregnancy with both of your girls, could you tell us your story? 

"Falling pregnant was never supposed to be an easy journey for me as I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). I went on homeopathic treatment thinking it would be at least a year before my hormones balanced out. Needless to say, four short months later I was exceptionally ill - and after two weeks of hanging my head over a toilet bowl, my husband chucked me in the car and took me to the doctor. The doctor told me he thinks I am pregnant, and I aggressively disagreed and said it's impossible and I have already taken two pregnancy tests and they were both negative. The doctor looked at me unsure of how to deal with this "raging bull" and said that we need to do blood tests. Rolling my eyes, I agreed. Six hours later, he phoned me to tell me I had a surprise in the box. Boy oh boy, I did not know what I was in for!
I had two incredibly difficult pregnancies, with the exact same symptoms but one more so than the other. My youngest daughter gave me a very hard time while she was growing in my tummy.
I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum for the full duration of my pregnancy, going in and out of hospital on a few occasions and if I wasn’t in the hospital, I was at the doctors office on a drip because my body was so dehydrated. I was on a very high dose of anti-nausea medication for my entire pregnancy. This medication merely took the edge off but did not stop me from being so nauseous. To top this off, suddenly out of the blue I had Hyperthyroidism, which needed to be checked weekly. Giving blood became a regular part of my weekly routine.
Another thing with my second pregnancy was the flu, I was on the verge of being admitted specifically for the flu several times, as I was incredibly susceptible to any bacteria because my body was practically in starvation mode.
At 35 and a bit weeks I went into labour. My doctor gave me medication to stall the labour, and at this point I was quite happy to deliver, but the doctor had other plans. So off I toddled back home. At 37 weeks, I went back into labour! I was now at my limit, and demanded that my doctor "take this ‘’thing’’ out of me", he had no choice but to agree."

Tell us a little about having a newborn:

The first night home was a lot harder with my first than my second, but they were both beautiful experiences. Being in my own space, holding my little baby close to my chest, changing those stinky diapers all night long, everything just came so naturally. I didn’t sleep much as I was convinced my baby was going to suffocate or die from neglect (paranoid new mom), but we made it through the night and every night there after just got easier and easier.

Do you have any advice for new moms?

You cannot please everyone. There comes a time in your life where you need to thank those for their advice but do what you feel is best for you and your baby. 

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to overcome, in the journey of becoming a mom/being a mom?

For me personally, it is guilt. This is still something I am working through, being away from my children even just for a second. Leaving them in someone else's care is incredibly hard, but you need to look after yourself otherwise how will you be able to look after your little one.

What was the best advice that YOU received?

Your child needs to fit in with your schedule, not the other way around.

What was the most useful product/item that you purchased or were gifted? 

My Electronic Breast Pump was by far the best investment I ever made!

5 MUST HAVE pregnancy/baby items/products:

  • Bouncing chair
  • Activity gym
  • Black and white stimulation cards
  • Bumbo
  • Nose sucker cleaner of boogers

3 things that MUST go in your hospital bag:

 3 things that MUST go on your baby shower registry:

1 thing you feel that you absolutely DID NOT need:

  • Compactum

Name 1 thing you wish you had bought or received. And why?

  • Cot bumper. (It would have saved me rolling up numerous blankets)


Do you have a parting thought for our other Real Life Mamas:

Quick Fire Challenge

(The below aims to normalize motherhood. We get so worked up over “doing the right thing” when in actual fact there is no right thing. You are doing a great job if your baby is fed, clean, dry and happy. You got this Mama!)

  • Breast or Bottle or Both


  • Cloth Nappies or Disposables


  • Natural Birth or C-Section


  • Followed a strict schedule or went with the flow

Went with the flow.

  • Co-Sleep or Own Bed (from the beginning) 

Our first went into her own bed from the beginning. We co-slept with our second.

  • Full term or Premature

Premature (Slightly)

  • Stay at Home Mom or Back to Work

Back to work

  • Nanny or Playschool/Creche


  • Pureed Food or Baby Led Weaning

Pureed Food

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