#RealLifeMoms (July)

#RealLifeMoms (July)

Hi Mamas!
Every month we would like to feature our #RealLifeMom. Whether you have been through a pregnancy or birthing ordeal, or have an interesting story to share, or even if you are just experiencing the normal motions of Motherhood, we want to hear from you!
Email: hello@yaybaby.co.za and put #RealLifeMom in the subject line, and we will get back to you.
Everyone benefits from sharing their stories and hearing someone else's.

This month we got to chat to a beautiful Mama, who after 10 years of marriage and 2 lost babies, finally welcomed her beautiful Rainbow Child to the world:

Nikita Storm Hartman

Nikita is 28 years old and an Operations Co-Ordinator from Modderfontein. Her gorgeous little girl, Samora Iris Gilmour, was born on the 21st of April 2020. Fresh out of the oven - we couldn't wait to hear all about her journey to here.

Tell us a little about yourself: "I am a young lady who enjoys life in its fullest – Always smiling and trying to pass my smile along to others, My favourite flower is the sunflower and it’s my motto in life to always ensure I shine in everything I do. I am a first time mom and the journey thus far has been amazing."

We got to chat to Nikita about life as a Real Life Mom, and asked her a few questions.

We would love to know more about the day that pregnancy test said "Yes!" Would you mind sharing your story with and and your Real Life Mom experience?

"Wow honestly my partner and I couldn’t believe it when our home pregnancy test came out positive, well the second one as the first one I didn’t do properly. :) We actually went and bought another 2 tests to make sure. Man, did we cry with Joy. As our baby girl would be born during our 10 year anniversary together. For us this would of been my 3rd Baby however my first 2 are with the angel’s in heaven, I’ve learnt along the way I need to be open about it and ensure they are looking down on my biggest blessing in life, my daughter.

My favourite part of carrying a beautiful soul was definitely the kicking towards the end – My baby girl keeping on reminding me that she was there with me every step of the way.

The only downside during my pregnancy was that my father in Law fell I’ll with Cancer and kept fighting a long the way to meet his gorgeous granddaughter however on the 8th March 2020 he passed away and is now her guardian angel."

 Your little one was born a month into our nationwide lockdown. Were you still able to have a "traditional" babyshower?

"I would say it’s life blessing’s and lucky I am that I had my baby shower on the 29th February 2020, as my fiancé is very particular with numbers and really liked the fact that she would be showered with love on the spare day of the year. Then on top of that I had won a maternity photoshoot in March 2020 and SA went into lockdown on the 26th March 2020.

 It would have been extremely difficult if I didn’t do things the way I did as I wouldn’t have gotten my photoshoot nor all the gifts for my daughter – I think it was just a blessing how things worked out. Scariest part was having my beautiful daughter being born during this time."

Do you have any advice for pregnant moms?

"Yes, now that I am a first time mommy – Get some sleep L.O.L if I could go back to the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, I would have slept the entire 2 weeks’ day and night.

Also, if you are pregnant during this pandemic, ensure that you are not stressed etc as your baby can feel your emotions. So keep indoors and keep up your checks with your Gyne."

Tell us about the birth of little Samora, and a little about having a newborn.

"Well it was a planned C section due to my past – But was a scary experience for me, as I was going into hospital during a pandemic – However, we had T-Shirts made and had to ensure that we had our masks ready and bags packed.

The funniest part was making my Fiancé pack the bags in the car. As we got to the hospital (Which is about a 25minute drive from home) and opened the boot to take the bags out the car, I saw that the most needed bag was NOT in the boot – My baby bag :) hahaha – I had to call my mom to bring it ASAP – She was terrified to drive as we were still on lockdown."

"Our first night home with a newborn: 

Wow honestly it was the best day ever knowing that I would go home and be in a safe environment – Even though they let us home early. I can honestly say I didn’t sleep that night I did stay up watching my beautiful daughter sleep."

Do you have any advice for new moms?

"Take it easy on yourself, watch your wellbeing and Get some rest and always know that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Also if you have a partner like I do, let him help you along the way -  don’t try do everything yourself, accept the help.

Being a new mom doesn’t come with an instruction manual and being a new mom is something that no-one can teach you but is worth every minute of it, It’s absolutely priceless

Try your best to breast feed your baby – don’t give up – These are bonding moments that are priceless…..your nipples wont be the same though lol."

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to overcome, in the journey of becoming a mom/being a mom?

"Being a paranoid mommy – making sure my baby girl is still breathing lol and overcoming my fear of not being able to breast feed – with a doctors help your milk will produce mommies."

What was the best advice that YOU received?

"Sleep when baby sleeps. Not that I’ve taken it in entirely, but the best advice so far."

What was the most useful product/item that you purchased or were gifted? 

  • Baby Rocker – This is the best thing that I was gifted by my aunt – She loves to fall asleep in her rocker- it plays music and vibrates.
  • Thermometer– As we are going through a pandemic this is to ensure visitors and our little angel is okay.
  • Beside me cot – For most new parents that want to co-sleep – the beside me cot is awesome must have.

5 MUST HAVE pregnancy/baby items/products:

  • Travel pram set with car seat
  • Prem clothing in case you end up like me
  • Nappies – Can never get enough of
  • Ice cream and sweets – Cravings
  • Baby bag– Packed and ready to go

3 things that MUST go in your hospital bag:

  • Nipple shield – NB - to help your baby latch onto your nipple- This helped me and something no one told me about until I was in hospital.
  • PREM clothing – my little angel was 2.2kg and I didn’t buy any prem clothing.
  • Toothbrush

3 things that MUST go on your baby shower registry:

1 thing you feel that you absolutely DID NOT need:

  • Baby Creams that are fragranced / Baby soap

Name something you wish you had bought or received. And why?

  • Nipple shield – my girl didn’t latch and I didn’t know these existed
  • Baby prem clothes – Even though my Fiancé and I are tiny we didn’t realise our baby would be even tinier.

Do you have a parting thought for our other Real Life Mamas:

Quick Fire Challenge

(The below aims to normalize motherhood. We get so worked up over “doing the right thing” when in actual fact there is no right thing. You are doing a great job if your baby is fed, clean, dry and happy. You got this Mama!)

  • Breast or Bottle or Both

Breast and then bottle as my milk stopped producing on the 4th day then doctor gave me tablets to produce again.

  • Cloth Nappies or Disposables


  • Natural Birth or C-Section


  • Followed a strict schedule or went with the flow

Went with the flow.

  • Co-Sleep or Own Bed (from the beginning) 

Co sleep in beside me cot

  • Full term or Premature

Full term at 39 Weeks  

  • Stay at Home Mom or Back to Work

Back to work in September 2020

  • Nanny or Playschool/Creche

Still Deciding

  • Pureed Food or Baby Led Weaning



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