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Sometimes there are amazing products that you want or need, but are just out of reach (financially) when purchased brand new. These items are all second hand, but have been quality checked prior to listing and meet our approval standard. You can be assured that what you see, is what you get.
(If you would like to list any Pre-Loved items on our website, please pop us an email: and we will contact you with our Pre-Loved Listing protocol) 
Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer (Preloved)Sale
Play Gyms (Growbaby) (4629325938824)Sale
Play Gym (Preloved)
R 250.00
R 600.00
Shnuggle Bath (4558025719944)Sale
Shnuggle Bath (Preloved)
R 450.00
R 990.00
Electric Breast Pump (Snookums)Sale
Electric Breast Pump (Snookums)
R 800.00
R 1,380.00