Maxima Silicone Pump

R 250.00 R 370.00

It's the passive pump that everyone is talking about, and is a MamaMagic Product Award winner. The Maxima Silicone Pump is the pump that you have been waiting for and we LOVE it. Designed to pump breastmilk from the let down in your non-feeding breast, while baby is latched and feeding from the other one. All you do is attach the opening to your non-feeding breast, squeeze the body to create a suction, and then let go. The Maxima does the rest. It is totally hands free, quiet and gentle, allowing you to just enjoy feeding your baby. No more lost milk to breastpads. Nothing is wasted. 

These are the reasons we love it, and you will too:

  • Maxima's design is unique, designed with you in mind.
  • Maxima comes with a thicker, larger bottom, allowing a stronger vacuum and greater suction.
  • Maxima has a larger opening, giving mom more comfort and allowing for moms with larger breasts or areolas to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Maxima is sturdy- you won't be crying over spilled milk.
  • Maxima's lid seals completely, no stopper required.

Available to purchase as just a Single Pump


The Single Pump and Store Set; consisting of of a Maxima Pump and Spill-Free Lid, travel bag, ice pack, cooler bag, and 15x Breast milk freezer bags. 

For amazing results combine the Maxima Pump with any of our awesome Milk Lactation Products, for an additional milk boost! Choose from our Honey and Nut, Moringa and Green Apple, or Dark Chocolate Milk Lactation Bars, or sip on a delicious cup of Nursing Tea

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