Whatsapp Support Line (2 Weeks)

Whatsapp Support Line (2 Weeks)

R 400.00
I offer a Whatsapp Support Line
    This makes me available to you via Whatsapp Messenger for a 2 week period. Feel free to message me with questions, or if you feel like you need to chat or run some thoughts by someone before implementing them.
    Once you have "placed your order" you will be contacted via Whatsapp with your support "channel" details. 
    Please note that I am a business woman and mom, with a life of my own to manage. Whilst I will make myself available to you as much as possible, there may be certain hours in the day that I cannot attend to you immediately or sometimes at all.  These hours may include times between 4:30pm and 7:30am throughout the week, weekends and public holidays.
    I will always do my best for you, regardless.
    The Whatsapp Support Line does NOT include video calls, unless absolutely necessary. 

    My name is Sandy and I am a Postnatal Counsellor and certified Newborn Care Specialist, mom of two boys and the creator/owner of YayBaby.
    LOVE what I do, and am incredibly passionate about bringing out the best in new moms and their tiny humans.

     I coach, guide and support new moms into and through the 4th Trimester.

    Those exciting, amazing, overwhelming and daunting first 12 weeks with your brand new baby.  
    Think of me as your "go to" when you are feeling that little bit uncertain, have questions, feel overwhelmed, or just need a kind word and a listening ear.
    I cover the following areas:
    • Planning and preparing for a newborn
    • Advice and guidance on products that work 
    • Hospital & Baby Room Checklists
    • Caring for your newborn in those first few weeks
    • Troubleshooting any issues that arise
    • Soothing and Swaddling Techniques
    • Sleep Coaching 
    • Custom created routines/schedules based on your needs
    • Breastfeeding Support and/or Bottle Feeding advice and care
    • Reflux
    • Colic
    • Early warning signs and correct course of action for your newborn
    • "Baby Blues" and Post-Partum Depression support
    • Post birth care and nutrition guidance for mom
    • Week to Week "What You Can Expect" Sessions
    • Stimulation activities and techniques for baby
    • Milestones
    • Weight & Height Guidance
    • Teething
    • Weaning

    As a mom of two and operating in many "mom" social circles, I have personally experienced and witnessed, the toll that motherhood takes on a person. Whether you are a seasoned aunty, been dreaming about being a mom your whole life, read every baby book on the shelf, or actually have no idea where to even start; the process of becoming a mom yourself is transformational. As with any transformation/change, there comes trepidation, fear, emotional struggle and mental exhaustion. Many new moms put on their "mom hat" and expect that they have to face these challenges alone because "that's what moms do", and that's when the soul can sometimes come apart. There may be feelings of guilt and loneliness, feelings of 'not being good enough, overwhelming sadness (amongst others) that start to creep in. Most new moms just continue through this, alone.
    I am here so that you don't have to feel isolated or feel that you HAVE to be a strong, independent new mom just because that is what the world expects of you. You totally are a force to be reckoned with, there is no doubt about that, but sometimes we need a helping hand when it all gets a bit too much.
    I am here to guide you through the self doubt, the anxiety and the questions, so that you feel confident enough to face small and large challenges.
    I am here when all you need is someone to listen to you, a shoulder to cry on, and a voice of comfort and reason, so that you can continue on your path of being the best mom you can be to your little one.

    We aim to ship your order within 1 - 4 working days (depending on stock availability).
    For urgent orders, please feel free to let us know, as we are always happy to try help you out where we can.

    Delivery is FREE for all areas within South Africa, for orders over R600.
    Under R600 - Flat Rate of R95

    For more information on returns, please read our Shipping and Returns Terms and Conditions on our checkout page, or email us on hello@yaybaby.co.za for more information.