Welcome to your journey into motherhood. Congratulations!
What an adventure lies ahead.
It is so wonderful to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you.
My name is Sandy and I am a Postnatal Counsellor and Newborn Care Specialist, mom of two boys and the creator/owner of YayBaby.
I LOVE what I do, and am incredibly passionate about bringing out the best in new moms and their tiny humans.

So what is it that I do?

I coach, guide and support new moms into and through the 4th Trimester.
Those exciting, amazing, overwhelming and daunting first 12 weeks with your brand new baby.  

What do I cover? 

Pretty much EVERYTHING!
Think of me as your "go to" when you are feeling that little bit uncertain, have questions, feel overwhelmed, or just need a kind word and a listening ear
(or have a rant, because that happens - a lot). 
In a nutshell, I offer guidance, support, coaching and counselling in the following areas:
  • Planning and preparing for a newborn
  • Advice and guidance on products that work 
  • Hospital & Baby Room Checklists
  • Caring for your newborn in those first few weeks
  • Troubleshooting any issues that arise
  • Soothing and Swaddling Techniques
  • Sleep Coaching 
  • Custom created routines/schedules based on your needs
  • Breastfeeding Support and/or Bottle Feeding advice and care
  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Early warning signs and correct course of action for your newborn
  • "Baby Blues" and Post-Partum Depression support
  • Post birth care and nutrition guidance for mom
  • Week to Week "What You Can Expect" Sessions
  • Stimulation activities and techniques for baby
  • Milestones
  • Weight & Height Guidance
  • Teething
  • Weaning

Where should you start?

I would love to hear from you, so contact me for a FREE 15 minute video consultation (Whatsapp/Zoom)
where we can chat about where you are at and devise a support plan based on your needs. 
If you already know what kind of plan you are looking for, then click here to be taken to my package offering page, and purchase your session.
You will then be guided on how to book your appointment slot.
If you have questions about my plans, pop me an email on hello@yaybaby.co.za

What does an appointment with me look like?

My ethos around counselling and support is a "let's chat" approach.
There is no formal consultation room or an anxiety-inducing waiting room.
I want you to be as comfortable as possible, as you are going through so much already. 
Option 1: We can chat online via Whatsapp Video Call or Zoom.
    A session lasts anywhere between 45mins - 1 hour.
    This makes me accessible to you, even if you live in another province or country.
    You may be asked to complete an in-depth questionnaire prior to the session so that we can get straight to work during your consult.
    Option 2: I also offer a Whatsapp Support Line
      Where I am available to you via Whatsapp Messenger, pretty much "on call" (within reasonable hours, of course.)
      Option 3: Finally, if you are Durban based,
      I am happy to meet up with you at your favourite coffee shop, if you prefer a face to face consultation.
        As mentioned before, my approach is "let's chat" in a comfortable, relaxed environment.
        Whilst my approach is very relaxed and open, I am still a Counsellor and abide by a strict Code of Conduct around privacy and record keeping. If you have any concerns around confidentiality, please do contact me so that I may walk you through the guidelines and ethics that I follow. 

        Why would you need this sort of support?

        As a mom of two and operating in many "mom" social circles, I have personally experienced and witnessed, the toll that motherhood takes on a person. Whether you are a seasoned aunty, been dreaming about being a mom your whole life, read every baby book on the shelf, or actually have no idea where to even start; the process of becoming a mom yourself is transformational. As with any transformation/change, there comes trepidation, fear, emotional struggle and mental exhaustion. Many new moms put on their "mom hat" and expect that they have to face these challenges alone because "that's what moms do", and that's when the soul can sometimes come apart. There may be feelings of guilt and loneliness, feelings of 'not being good enough, overwhelming sadness (amongst others) that start to creep in. Most new moms just continue through this, alone.
        I am here so that you don't have to feel isolated or feel that you HAVE to be a strong, independent new mom just because that is what the world expects of you. You totally are a force to be reckoned with, there is no doubt about that, but sometimes we need a helping hand when it all gets a bit too much.
        I am here to guide you through the self doubt, the anxiety and the questions, so that you feel confident enough to face small and large challenges.
        I am here when all you need is someone to listen to you, a shoulder to cry on, and a voice of comfort and reason, so that you can continue on your path of being the best mom you can be to your little one.
        So let's start with a chat.
        I want to know about you and how you are feeling right now.
        Do you need help preparing the nursery?
        Perhaps you are concerned about colic and want to put strategies in place now to prevent it?
        Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed and need guidance on where to go from here?
        Too many bottles/swaddles/bum creams to choose from?
        I can help with that too!
        I am here for you.
        Let's begin this journey, together.
        With Love, Sandy

        Sandy Jenkins
        BA Psychology (Hons) Cum Laude
        Pre & Postnatal Counsellor 
        Certified Newborn Care Specialist
        Please note:
        Whilst I do consult with a Pediatrician and licensed GP on certain medical issues, 
        I will refer you should I feel that your requirements are outside of my listed scope of practice.