You're finally into that second trimester and feeling a little more like yourself. Those discombobulated dizzy spells and nausea are subsiding, your energy levels are starting to perk up, and perhaps you even see a hint of a belly emerging. And then BOOM, all of a sudden you realize that before long, a tiny human will be in your life and it's time to start preparing.

But where to start!?

Here is an Easy To Navigate Checklist (highlighted items link to website products), to help you add all those amazing things you need to either your 
.You can add and remove as you go along, and all of your items are stored in one space until you are ready to purchase.

Bath Time


Face Cloths

You will need quite a few of these.


Bath Towels

Work on 3 - 4 to start with.


Nappy Towels/Cloth

Useful for wiping up "accidents" and spills.


Cotton Wool

Cotton wool for cleaning little one’s face and eyes.


Baby Wash/Shampoo

So many LOVELY brands to choose from!

(We have a particular love for the Lavender fragrances - for night time calming before bed)


Baby Powder

Hint: Corn Starch Powder works wonders for nappy rash.


Baby Oil/Wax

For dry skin and/or cradle cap


Baby Massage Oil

For after bathtime bonding, soothing and getting your little one ready to sleep.


Baby Lotion

Again, so many LOVELY brands to choose from, but we do have a personal favourite.


Baby Bath

Definitely have a look at the Shnuggle Bath for an incredible all-rounder from birth up to a year old.


Ear Buds

The special shaped baby ones prevent you from going too deep in the ear. These are also a must have for cleaning the umbilical cord in those first few days.


Surgical Spirits

The hospital usually gives you a small one to start with, and you only need it for the umbilical cord cleaning. You won’t use it again after that.


Bath Toys

You can never have too many!



Changing Time


Baby Wipes

You can never have too many.


Nappy Bags

They are mainly useful for travelling. If you are a cloth mom, then you will need a Wet Bag for dirty diapers.


Nappy Bin and Liners

There are two schools of thought on this one, but whether you decide to get one or not, definitely have a look at the Sangenic Disposal System from Tommee Tippee.


Sanitising Solution

You will need a lot of this, especially in the early days and for Preemies.



Tip from a nurse at the hospital: Use in first week instead of bum cream. Those first poos are sticky and make it easier to clean.


Bum Cream

Again, so many LOVELY brands to choose from, but we do have a personal favourite.



To Cloth or Not to Cloth – that is the question. Either way, you are going to need them!


Changing Mat

And a super cute changing cover (or just towelling cloth to absorb spills and accidents) 


Mini Heater

Tip: To warm the room up for after bath. It helps to ease the transition from the warm water into the cool air.



Travel Time


Receiving Blankets

They are useful for summer babies (much lighter than blankets).


Pram/Stroller System

Shop around for the brand and size that suits you and your family’s needs

TIP: “Get a light weight pram that is easy to fold and move around. Also try to get one that has a baby travel car seat as well. They use it until around 9 months old.”


Car Seat (Birth to 9kgs)

Some Prams come as a Travel System with this included


Head Support Cushion

Their little heads can be much smaller than the supports that come standard with the car travel seats.


Car Seat Cover

For protecting your little one from the sun, or blocking out light to help them sleep. (And also provides an extra barrier for germs and bacteria.) We LOVE the ones that double up as a multifunctional feeding cover.


Car Seat Mobile

You can clip a few soft playmat toys or dangles onto the car seat, or you could invest in Zoe The Penguin Portable Music Player and Soother


Window Sun Visor

Shop around for a UV resistant one, if you don’t already have UV tinted windows on your car.


Mom and Baby Bag

You NEED a nappy bag. Small or large, the options are endless, but we do have some very special favourites.

TIP: “Get 2! A nice big one for long trips out and then a small, easily accessible little one for quick trips. Keep the small accessible one packed all the time with nappies, wipes, bum cream, change of clothes etc. It removes that "it took us 2 hours to get out of the house" scenario that so many new moms experience.”


Travel Pouch/Clutch

For on the go and emergency changes. Useful for storing a couple of extra nappies, wipes, bum creams and a change of clothes.



We LOVE the Oh Lief Sunscreen range suitable for babies and the whole family.



Baby Time (Oh the CUTENESS)


Baby Grows and Clothing (all sizes)

There are so many cute baby outfits to choose from. Just remember to buy for the right season, and that baby grows out of newborn size and into the next sizes up very quickly.


Socks and Stretchy Booties (all sizes)

For keeping tiny toes warm.  



There are so many types and brands to choose from, and this is totally a personal preference, but we do have some favourites for you!


Dummy Clip

A useful item for keeping a dummy close at hand. Whether it is clipped to your little one’s clothing or their favourite comforter, their dummy will always be close by.


Dummy Holder and Sterilizer

Useful for holding and storing unused dummies, and keeping them germ free.


Swaddling Blankets

There are so many styles to choose from, to suit your personal preferences and style. We LOVE them all.


Warm Blanket

A really large, excellent quality, winter blanket is a MUST (even for summer babies). The better the quality, the longer it will last through the seasons.


Sleeping Bag

A wonderful way to ensure that your little one stays covered in a blanket all night long. There are designs for every season, as well as warmer and cooler weather. A must have item.



Play Time


So many to choose from, but we do have our personal favourites.



So many to choose from, but we do have our personal favourites, especially when they double as teethers.



Oh how those little gums ache when those teeth start to arrive, and we love the range of specially designed teethers to help soothe that discomfort. A must have.


Play Mat

A must have for play time, tummy time and “hanging out.”


Play Gym

For sensory and fine motor development, as baby learn to reach, grasp and cling with their tiny fingers.


Walking Ring

The verdict is out on this one. Love it or loathe it, babies love the freedom and independence it gives them when they start to become interested in walking.


Soft Reading Books

For bonding with your little one and sensory play. Reading is so important for their development.



Meal Time



You will need lots! Fabric (cute prints but stain easily) or Silicone (easy to clean but pretty standard colours)



So many incredible choices, and your personal needs and preference are imperative when choosing the brand for you and your baby. We have done extensive research and have stocked the most LOVED and trusted by moms across South Africa.

TIP: You will need 2 – 3 150ml Bottles and 2 – 3 250ml bottles to start you off on your bottle feeding journey.


Bottle Warmer

Not an essential, but can make life a little more convenient. (Tommee Tippee also have a wonderful Prep Machine for premixing formula bottles at the perfect temperature).


Formula Container

A must have for dispensing formula into smaller portions for outings or individual feeds.


Sterilising Liquids

For dummies, bottles, surfaces and toys. A MUST have for keeping items germ free.


Sterilising Set

So many to choose from! Microwave or Electric, the options are open. A really good investment as you will be sterilising for at least the first 9 months to 1 year.


Bottle Drying Rack



Bottle Brushes

You will go through a lot of these. The better quality ones last a bit longer, but you will need a few over the first year.


Feeding Chair

Whether you decide on a traditional high c.hair, or a Bumbo MultiSeat, this item is a MUST.


Feeding Mesh

An awesome little gadget for early weaning and exploring new tastes (without the worry of choking)


Baby Bowl

A must have for those first mouthfuls of porridge and pureed goodness.


Cutlery Sets

You can’t play aeroplane or choo-choo train without a spoon to go with that mouthful of baby food.


Reusable Food Storage Containers

Such a must have if you plan to make your own baby food!


Nursery Time


Cot/Co-Sleeper & Mattress

There are so many beautiful designs and creative concepts to suit every need. These are just our personal favourites.



You will need a couple so it may be best to stick to the basics this time around.


Cot Linen

There are so many beautiful designs and creative concepts to suit every need. These are just our personal favourites.


Soft Blankets

We LOVE a snuggly baby blanket. You will need a couple, especially in the colder months.



You may call them Doodoos, Lovies, Comforters or Friends, but they all serve the same purpose. A must have.


Cot Bumper

Not recommended for newborn and tiny babies in the beginning, but they do make a very cute accessory for the nursery (and as your little one grows, it is a must have for preventing painful head bumps in the middle of the night.)


Baby Lift Wedge

Recommended so that baby stays propped in the correct position and doesn’t roll over onto their face.


Camp Cot

Invest in a hardy one that is easy to transport and move around.


Baby Monitor

This is totally a personal preference and there are so many to choose from. Make sure it suits your personal needs.  


Night Light

For those midnight feeds and changes. A soft, dull glow is all you need.



You may or may not require one, but they can be useful (especially when colds and flu season roll around).


Block Out Curtains

A MUST for sleep training and helping your newborn distinguish between day and night (for healthier sleep routines).


White Noise

You could play a white noise CD/music from your phone, or you could run a fan to create the dead noise that baby has become used to hearing in the womb. OR you could invest in one of our amazing Sleep Soothers and Friends that have white noise soothing capabilities.


Lavender Calming Mist

A gently fragranced room spray that helps your little one settle for bedtime, and builds positive sleep association.


Medical and Grooming



Do your research and get one that best suits your needs. The digital ones are easier for little ones who squirm a lot.


Nail Scissors and Brush

It is easier to cut nails than to clip them. (But you could get a little grooming kit that includes scissors, clippers, brushes etc)


Nasal Aspirator & Medicine Dropper/Syringe

Just getting you ready for that awful cold and flu season.

TIP: Karvol drops on the pillow really help to release mucus from blocked sinuses.


For Mom


Pampering and Caring

Every Mom To Be and New Mom needs to have a moment that is just hers. Whether it is a warm cup of coffee (decaf - obvs), a hot bath or some pampering creams, why not give yourself a spoil? You deserve it!


Breast Pads

There are lovely brands to choose from when it comes to disposable, but we prefer the REUSABLE ones from Close Parent


Feeding Bras

Shop around for the ones you love and suit your needs.

 TIP: Don’t buy until about a month before as your size can change in the last few weeks leading up to birth.  


Feeding Cushion

For a comfortable feeding experience for mom and baby.


Feeding Bracelet

Track the time between your little one’s sleep and feeds, with this lightweight silicone bracelet.


Nipple Cream

A MUST! No Mama wants painful nipples.


Nipple Shields

Some moms LOVE them, and others don’t. It really is a personal preference.


Breast Pump

Silicone, Manual, Electric – there are some many wonderful brands and styles to choose from. Just make sure you invest in one that suits your personal needs.


Products for Increasing Milk Supply

Before you rush to the doctor for a prescription, try some of our amazing natural milk lactation supplements and bars!


Milk Storage

Choose from Storage Bags or Containers. You will need a few if you plan on expressing and storing some feeds.


Sanitary Towels

You will get some in the hospital, but you may also need for a few days/weeks after you come home.

TIP: Get some really comfy black cotton panties for hospital!



The Pretty Things

(Not must haves but we LOVE them anyway)


Cot Mobile

Beautiful designs that help stimulate sensory development when lying in the cot.


Nursery Décor

From Teepees to Canvas Prints, there are gorgeous options for turning your nursery into a little baby haven.


A Baby Record Book

For journaling and safe keeping those precious first memories.


Milestone Cards

A must have for documenting all those “firsts”


Baby Wrap

Some Moms swear by this and others don’t but we LOVE the baby wrap for bonding, carrying and some “hands free” time.




Download this checklist as a printable