Preemie Bonding Hearts

R 50.00

Made especially for our TEENY TINY NICU Warriors

Bonding hearts are worn by a parent, then placed in their baby’s bed in the NICU. This helps comfort babies with the scent of their family, and creates a connection even when parents can’t be with their baby.
Here is what a NICU nurse had to say about the bonding hearts.
“The sense of smell is one of the earliest senses they develop,” said Amy Levin, a NICU nurse.
“There’s incredible research that’s been published that this can help increase that bond.”
Olfactory receptors develop in the first trimester, and studies have shown newborns can recognize their mother’s natural scent from breathing and swallowing her amniotic fluid, which absorbs odorants from the maternal diet, in utero, Levin said.
She added that the sense of smell is processed in the part of the brain that controls memory, and there’s evidence these familiar scents strengthen the ties between baby and parent.!
Isn’t that amazing.
Our NICU hearts are all handmade out of 100% cotton.

Little Little Prem aims to give support to moms with NICU Miracle babies. Moms with preemie babies, already have their hands full. Preemie parents shouldn’t have to run around trying to find essentials for their baby or having to make do with products not suitable for preemie babies. Little Little Prem was born to provide the products NICU parents need and deserve. When parents have a baby in the NICU, they need guidance and support from people who understand just what they are going through. And when family and friends are buying items for NICU babies and their parents, they need to know they are buying products that will truly work for the unique environment of the NICU.

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